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It doesn't take a genius to figure out why Flynn would flip. First to talk gets the best deal, he needs It! #RESIST https://t.co/n5mJxm8EsQ

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Don't try Trump! Not even once! #RESIST https://t.co/DxFBODlMPC https://t.co/E6GsTGzkD3

Don't try Trump! Not even once! #RESIST  https://t.co/DxFBODlMPC https...

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Donald Trump's lawyer is just as incompetent as he is on T.V.! #NewDay #CNN https://t.co/DxFBOD4br2

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They love to say #AllLivesMatter but forget to say read the fine print! #PhilandoCastile Go to… https://t.co/VPWfaQJrd7

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Meanwhile, Trump decides to have a cabinet meeting because his feelings are hurt because he's being investigated!… https://t.co/fuotukTIqR

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At some point all the lies this Kebler Elf keeps telling has got to have him investigated for perjury. #Hardball… https://t.co/gBG9x8vXF8

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With Trump under investigation for #ObstructionOfJustice, it's time he knows where he should be! #RESIST https://t.co/OOCIz8eRfY

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Now its time to serious. While he's on the way out we MUST take control of the House and Senate in 2018! #RESIST https://t.co/tVmSAmtulw

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#JeffSessions lied under oath! How can he not remember meeting Russians at Mayflower Hotel. #SessionsHearing https://t.co/YDCeoxmKLa

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I think I can think of a few other words than "mean" when you talk of kicking 24 million people off of healthcare! https://t.co/hoUg5FG82z

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#JeffSessions should be removed from office just because he seems not to know a damn thing! #SessionsHearing… https://t.co/mFhBocz40R

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Trump supporters have shown you who they are! There is no longer a defense to anyone who would support him!… https://t.co/iRv3417pYc

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Every woman should know there place! Do you know yours? #TheResistance Go to https://t.co/OsM6sBFdxe https://t.co/a2Ljg7k4iu

Every woman should know there place! Do you know yours? #TheResistance...

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We need #WonderWoman with her magic lasso to get @realDonaldTrump to tell the truth instead of his lies!… https://t.co/2cSqH05dwy

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Today is the #EqualityMarch and we should all remember to treat everyone the same no matter our difference! #Resist… https://t.co/OzmQW4qb1P

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Ignorance of the law does not excuse @realDonaldTrump #CNNSOTU https://t.co/DxFBODlMPC https://t.co/leOaK6JRal

Ignorance of the law does not excuse @realDonaldTrump  #CNNSOTU https:...

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We the American people accept this challenge to put Trump under oath and lock him up when he perjures himself! https://t.co/yHuhJifI18

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Actually what I got out of it was @realDonaldTrump is a LIAR! #ComeyHearings https://t.co/Mwn5ivFgAG

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Tomorrow will be a historical occasion for those who have never researched #Watergate with Nixon #ComeyTestimony https://t.co/OOCIz8eRfY

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Trump's mental competency needs to be called into question. He hasn't filled his appointments and just blaming folks https://t.co/7PaY2d93xo

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