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President and Co-Founder of The New Agenda. Advocate for women's, LGBTQ rights, equality. Woman behind The Weekly List. https://t.co/zWGUHwa1gj

New York

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Amy Siskind

Interesting point @matthewamiller if FBI. Thoughts on the House though, given their dysfunctional and current inten… https://t.co/AcTJzFHOCC

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Amy Siskind

Trump's personal bodyguard for 20 years, and the man who delivered the firing notice to Comey. https://t.co/q7R0ST93Di

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Amy Siskind

Week 33 underway, shaping up to be another doozy.... (new followers, get used to my fav gif ; ). https://t.co/g3Mq4r60KG

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Amy Siskind

Pay attention folks: which aid did Tillerson blow up at? https://t.co/6hJpkSITSF

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Amy Siskind

LGBTQ community and allies: I am sounding the alarm bell on what's quietly happening week by week under Trump! https://t.co/5xxKAbXU1I

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