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Parents can do everything right and still end up with a kid who's goth.

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Important to remember while assessing the #CBOScore. https://t.co/kfVTSMSZpO

Important to remember while assessing the #CBOScore. https://t.co/kfVT...

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Savor all the delicious puns from the latest episode of #Legends: https://t.co/wewjGzbQjK https://t.co/qwRhyAFC9w

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.@theejamesdavis has a foot in two worlds. @HoodAdjacent premieres Wednesday at 9/8c. https://t.co/B2Vv1yb4B1

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Raise a glass. @YoungerTV returns to TV Land Wednesday at 10/9c. Catch up now on demand, online, on the @tvland app… https://t.co/zwkOsPL3uZ

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First in Charms, last in Arithmetic. #HarryPotter20 https://t.co/CPLR6otSnV

First in Charms, last in Arithmetic. #HarryPotter20 https://t.co/CPLR6...

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.@HoodAdjacent's @theejamesdavis was feeling it on the #BETAwards red carpet. Catch more from the awards here:… https://t.co/pxE4fbaBuq

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Better to be regular P than no P. Watch @HoodAdjacent's @theejamesdavis on #TheNextLevel here:… https://t.co/EKJyNh23gW

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#Scrubs is now on every weekday starting at 7a/6c. Bon appetit. https://t.co/CbcP93pO7g

#Scrubs is now on every weekday starting at 7a/6c. Bon appetit. https:...

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Your girl @Lesdoggg hosts the #BETAwards at 8/7c tonight on @BET. Hide your men. https://t.co/W9k4SjCJBC

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When a baby cries uncontrollably, they’re just doing what adults wish they could do.

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Tonight at 11:30/10:30c on @LegendsofCH, everyone's invited to the Nat Turn Up -- except Milk. https://t.co/y5iwDnXOj9

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Get a geography lesson. @KevinHart4real talks to @HoodAdjacent's @theejamesdavis on #TheNextLevel tonight at 11/10c. https://t.co/ObQUitZWW1

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On the latest @PresidentShow, the White House becomes a witches' den: https://t.co/Dw9NFRS59W https://t.co/uVAyrJQ2F7

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Thanks to Instagram, our grandkids will know what we had for lunch someday.

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There are some things you can’t LARP your way out of.

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