Mark F. - Holds The Record for Most RT By Trump Supporter 2016 Election, Record 5 Videos Shared By Trump, Proudly Followed by @seanhannity #PatriotsUnited

South Carolina, USA

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His son was Jamiel Shaw killed by an illegal gang member. Anyone Who supports Sanctuary Cities is a complete IDIOT!… https://t.co/kSvwuvRpd4

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Maybe Someone Should Get A Hidden Camera And Ask Van Jones if he Voted For Trump, Maybe he secretly voted for Trump🤔 https://t.co/BjFdrfGJoP

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Angel Families and Rep. Steve King Introduce New Victims of Illegal Alien Crime Advocacy Group AVIAC @sabine_durden https://t.co/MFUr0KNUZI

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Good Job, @w_terrence Everytime I Watch Your Videos, I am almost fall out my chair in laughter *i'm serious* lol https://t.co/cM16KnB1lR

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