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'Nasty, British and short.' Writer, journalist, social justice bard. Next book: 'Bitch Doctrine', Bloomsbury 2017. Patreon below!

London, England

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Laurie Penny

As a proud EU citizen, I'm extra excited to be heading to @BigBookFestival in Poland tomorrow!

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Laurie Penny

I have not wasted this day. https://t.co/3TTfwHEmOU

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Laurie Penny

I need a medium-sized suitcase that will stand up to lots of abuse and doesn't cost 400 quid. Internet, do you know where I might find one?

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Laurie Penny

Ten years ago at Oxford, I tried to write a dissertation on feminist science fiction. I was told not to, because it… https://t.co/qJTNdERW9a

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Laurie Penny

Oh my goodness. @wordscience wrote a book. I was born ready for this.

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Laurie Penny

I finally met @nattivogel in real meatbag life, and my life is immeasurably nicer because of that.

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