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KCMO via MKE via DET. 98.1 KMBZ 10-2 w Jayme Monacelli HATERS MAKE ME FAMOUS. Positive thinker. EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Candy Lover. Mute button user.

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Mike Wickett

Need a new show to watch? Check out #SchittsCreek. (pronounced how it looks) A dark #netflix comedy. as @RadioDana'd say: RUN do not walk!

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Mike Wickett

I may play re-watch last season of #GameofThrones #WinterIsHere

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Mike Wickett

this is not me. This is from #DRUDGE. https://t.co/ar17ZmRD8p

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Mike Wickett

know what Id love to see? @realDonaldTrump answering questions about the #SenateHealthCareBill. Bet ya he has NO CLUE what's in it.

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Thanks to @AgentJAY006 for the @sprecherbrewery care pack! @JaymeKMBZ @Twalk6 & @DanWeinbaumKMBZ will try it tomor… https://t.co/qfmIKd7vC9

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Mike Wickett

This is hanging on my wifes office door. Pretty sure this is code for: "my husband had better… https://t.co/coDx2Lmzrp

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Mike Wickett

"Nobody knew healthcare could be so complicated" ~ you https://t.co/jhz3hmqBxA

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