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President and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, formerly with ABC News and CDC, Pediatrician, Public health guy, Braves fan. Retweets ≠ endorsements

New Jersey

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Richard Besser

Check this out! @Statnews - Game changers: 12 bold attempts to slow the opioid epidemic https://t.co/a0RleuPiZC

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Richard Besser

By rolling back health insurance coverage, the Senate health bill jeopardizes millions of people across the country. https://t.co/R1QavEPazM

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Richard Besser

Wonderful evening at @aspenideas w/ Norman Lear, Khizr Khan, and Walter Isaacson celebrating the Constitution. https://t.co/DtduhxCLSz

Wonderful evening at @aspenideas w/ Norman Lear, Khizr Khan, and Walte...

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Richard Besser

So important! https://t.co/AhsO70CZJl

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Richard Besser

Love the work you are doing in Louisville! Great to meet you both. https://t.co/XPsmp09YUQ

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Richard Besser

I just voted. It's hard to choose between these outstanding programs! Thankfully, they will all be winners at some… https://t.co/yuKeWQc7Az

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Richard Besser

I'm looking forward to talking with @WalterIsaacson. If you are around, please stop by and say hi. https://t.co/R6Bq3JZW09

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Richard Besser

Just voted to improve health in CO at @aspenideas. Stop by @RWJF and help us spend some $. #Spotlighthealth #vote4CO https://t.co/CJF3KNig8K

Just voted to improve health in CO at @aspenideas. Stop by @RWJF and h...

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Richard Besser

Really important work @CHCShealth: Preventing Early Childhood Adversity Before It Starts: Maximizing Medicaid impact https://t.co/3d7IqS8wHJ

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Richard Besser

Check it out- includes one rec from me. Lots to read! @statnews: 35 best health/science books for summer reading https://t.co/EGS1cHr4SB

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Richard Besser

Way to go! Thanks for all you do for the health of your communities. https://t.co/oWoR4FNCDS

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Richard Besser

This county used @CHRankings to identify local issues affecting health. Now they are calling for action. Way to go! https://t.co/n1T6eyBWVa

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Richard Besser

Want to Increase Graduation Rates? Hire More Undeerrepresented Faculty https://t.co/QcWKGpRDLW via @DiverseIssues

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