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We are Spartan. We transform lives. We are the World's Best Obstacle Race. Tweet at us with the hashtag #AskSpartan for race questions and Spartan inquiries.


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Spartan Race

Thanks for watching with us tonight! Tyler and I both had a BLAST this season. Don't worry, no hard feelings from either of us 😉 #Spartan

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Spartan Race

Kid Courage and Better Halves making it on to the next round! Awesome effort from the Wonder women, Stevicks, and grey guard #Spartan

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Spartan Race

Definitely a family theme to tonight's episode. Family, better halves, the kids. Spartan is definitely better when shared with loved one!!

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Spartan Race

Team kid courage is running away with this race so far. Can they keep it up to the finish line?? #Spartan

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Spartan Race

Spartans don't leave each other behind!!! #Spartan https://t.co/gltFPREWXO

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Spartan Race

Better halves making it up the wall and showing a true Spartans spirit!!!! YOU. NEVER. GIVE. UP. #Spartan

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Spartan Race

We ALL know things can interesting on that slip wall!! #Spartan

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Spartan Race

Can team #BetterHalves make up the time they lost on the Timber drop, or will #GreyGuard hold onto their lead? #Spartan

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Spartan Race

This is why we love Spartan! Lots of love coming from team #BetterHalves w/that inspiring story of perseverance and determination #Spartan

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