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I say things, some factual and some fictional but all entertaining.... Snapchat:TrevDonSnap -- Business inquiries - TrevDonquestions@gmail.com

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Trevor Donovan

When you try to eat healthy but all you want is #Pizza and #icecream https://t.co/RZ82pYgBfj

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Trevor Donovan

He has raised the bar for douche baggery tenfold the world over https://t.co/V7qOQby2uj

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Trevor Donovan

I am 5 minutes stupider for having read this https://t.co/bMHig7zxjU

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Trevor Donovan

If u have to tell people u "have a great personality" ur most likely nails on a chalkboard to be around. Also, Cody… https://t.co/qRb9d194hR

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Is it too soon to already dislike a few of them? 🤬😠 #BB19

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#WhyILoveCanada ...it's the country where Selena Gomez laughed at my cheesy jokes. And they have delicious Beaver T… https://t.co/Djps3f5Igb

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Trevor Donovan

“Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind.” https://t.co/yO5zpZac2f

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Trevor Donovan

Fun Fact: It costs about $206,337 an hour to operate Air Force One.🧐 https://t.co/Osu0s2JCQ0

Fun Fact: It costs about $206,337 an hour to operate Air Force One.🧐 h...

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Trevor Donovan

Should people using a handicap placard (even though they're capable of driving themselves) park for free at meters or have to pay?

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Trevor Donovan

"So you say you like Choco Pies... Prove it!." - Costco #WednesdayWisdom https://t.co/2ne62b3QiI

'So you say you like Choco Pies... Prove it!.'  - Costco   #WednesdayW...

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Trevor Donovan

Don't tell part-time friends too much about yourself. #WednesdayWisdom https://t.co/K5tmNwrs15

Don't tell part-time friends too much about yourself.  #WednesdayWisdo...

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Trevor Donovan

Me: Sorry guys, this place doesn't allow dogs. Dogbert & Tito: Dogs?!...we see no dogs. We're just a couple of huma… https://t.co/mN5BRR5gjF

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Trevor Donovan

Hard working office gals know how to party! #Nashville folks are very nice to out-of-towners. https://t.co/Xx21QhLkSp

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Trevor Donovan

Yes, I faked a phone conversation with myself while trying to avoid clipboard people. Don't judge, you would or hav… https://t.co/Gxp6ouFCKF

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Fake Newfefes. https://t.co/L2vWY94yeh

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Trevor Donovan

Dogbert: Set for pulsar level 5, subsonic implosion factor 2. Tito: What? Dogbert: Just shoot the damn thing!… https://t.co/ZNFoQ8VDqQ

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Take care of our heroes. #PTSDAwarenessDay https://t.co/IOZkA7Tl2B

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Trevor Donovan

Yes! Although I wasn't psyched about Season 3 Finale.... #BetterCallSaul is still one of my favorite shows. https://t.co/NSGmiolp92

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Trevor Donovan

Sleeping on the beach is not as fun as you might think. Sand gets everywhere! 🍸#TuesdayThoughts (photo by Devin D… https://t.co/iyPkaOztFM

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Trevor Donovan

Once you figure out what makes you happy and content put it on repeat. #TuesdayThoughts https://t.co/8LjFOfrAik

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